Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Running to Work, Part 2

Yesterday, I put in an easy 6 on the treadmill before work, but it wasn't easy. I'm not a big fan of treadmills. I can manage to stay on them without losing my mind or getting injured, but I'm close to the line on both. Dawn thought I might post something about it, but we all know how treadmill running can be....

So, last night I was really psyched to run into work today. This was my second attempt, so I had my systems down (somewhat). I decided to increase the load a little by carrying some yummy homemade vegan cornbread, but tossed the extra running socks for the return trip (my work socks would serve 2 purposes now).

I started off just before 7AM with temps in the low 20's (a bit cooler than last week). The hill climb felt tougher this time which I surmised was the extra weight and the fact that this was my 4th day of significant running in a row (I rarely run 4 days straight). When I got to the end of my first leg (2 mile mark), it seemed a bit faster than last week. By normal standards 16-17 min seems a bit slow for 2 miles, but with major vertical (I'll have to measure it), and 7 lbs. on my back, I was pleased. The bushwack was not so pleasant, but it was smooth sailing once I hit the Metacomet Trail. The view of the Farmington valley is incredible from the ridge, and I hit my next timing point about 30 seconds faster than last week.

The rest of the route was uneventful and pleasant. Total time was about 45 minutes for 5 miles with a fair amount of trail and good vertical.

It's strange, but I was on cloud 9 all morning after that run. It replenishes my soul whereas the treadmill is almost exclusively a physical workout. Running outside on trails washes away the bad stuff and fills my tank with positive mojo and a big smile.

I left my office at about 5:40 or so for the trek home. Normally, I'm in a rush with the car,...a rush to get home or somewhere, ...a rush to go "do" something, but there's no rush in running home. Yes, I pushed the pace, but I was where I wanted to be the whole time. I was doing what I love so much. It feels so good that I can't believe it's free! I keep feeling like there should be a toll or something. Shhhh - don't tell anyone! PLEASE! :-)

The run home was a bit faster than last week....

...I'm hoping it will take longer sometime soon ;-)

Wishing you all the equal or better experiences!