Monday, May 19, 2008

The Art of the Taper

Ahhhh, there are few things I enjoy more than tapering for a race. It's a time to let the body recover, a time to catch up on other things, a time to plan, and a time to reflect. It's a chance to say, "You did it"...even before the race happens. You survived the training, and now you are ready.

My main goal this year is the Vermont 100, but I decided to run the Pineland Farms Trail 50 miler as a training race, tune-up for the big one. This is the first time I am using an ultra to prep for an ultra, so I'm in new territory. I debated on how much to taper for this race, since it's not my main goal. I still have 8 weeks before the big race, and my training has been very good up until this point.

Despite my best intentions for the taper, my body and subconscious seem to take over and do their own thing. Outside forces are usually to blame as well. This past week, I did not run on 2 days due to work and other personal obligations. On the weekend, I did a little more than planned because I was enjoying the company (The Goat). I was OK as the pace was easy...then we bumped into my friend, Ray. Ray was moving pretty well, so we picked it up for the last 3 miles. It felt good to stretch the legs out a bit.

I'm looking forward to meeting some of the Maine Runners this weekend, running on some different terrain, testing my fitness, and having an adventure with Dawn.

I've reviewed the material available on line, I've planned my hydration and nutrition strategy (which will probably change before the race), and I feel ready to roll.

Have I tapered enough or too much? I guess we'll find out soon ;-)


Scott said...

Good luck!! You sound ready. Kick some ass!!

Jamie said...

Hi Steve! See you there this weekend. I'll have on a Trail Monster shirt for the race and I wear red Asics trails shoes. Weather looks awesome.

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