Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Tower Re-visited

Isn't it strange how some of your best runs come on days when you are least motivated? Afterwards, you say to yourself, "I'm glad I got out there, ...that was great!" Well, today was one of those days.

It's been really humid and wet here lately, and I was not into running today. I wanted to get at least 16 miles and 2+ hours on my feet, but was a bit tired of my usually reservoir runs. I needed to get creative and a little adventurous to keep myself motivated. I decided to head up to Heublein Tower to see if I could catch any views today. I felt like 2 trips up to the tower and some loops in the surrounding area would be good. Little did I know that I would end up doing 5 laps up to the Tower. Sure, it was a bit more than I planned, but what a huge boost to my confidence going into this race. My quads feel ready!

I finally made it up the 120 steps to the top of the Tower. The door has only been open one other time while I was up there. The views were good, but a bit hazy. The Tower is quite an architectural marvel. I highly recommend a trip.

On my second trip down on the north side, I came across a woman from work and her family. She just moved here from Egypt, and the hike up was a little more than they had anticipated. I think they thought I was crazy. In fact, I passed many people that were thinking it. I joked with some of them. Others took an interest in it and asked how many times I planned to go up. It was a lot of fun!

I thought I was finished at 4 laps, but then decided to go back up on the east side one more time before heading back. This time it was solo (no spectators), but still very satisfying.

I feel ready. I've done everything I can possibly do to prepare for this race. I'm psyched to be in real taper mode at this point. My body is starting to feel strong again.

I still have lots to do to get ready, but it feels good to be less than 2 weeks away!

Weekly summary:

Monday - rest
Tuesday - 9 easy
Wednesday - 16 moderate (first 8 with Goat)
Thursday - rest
Friday - 19.5 tempo (approx. 2.5 hours)
Saturday - spinning, 4.5 easy on treadmill, weights
Sunday - 18.25 hill training (approx. 3 hours and 7,000 ft elevation)
Total - 77.25 miles

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