Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Whew! 2009 is here and I finally have some mileage to report. Yes, I joined the masses in the gyms this week as we all tried to get back into it. I've been a runner for over 30 years, but felt some serious ties to the New Year's resolution crowd this year. I affectionately call them the "30 day crowd". On the one hand, I am their biggest fan. I hope everyone takes their health seriously and enjoys exercise as much as I do. On the other hand, it's nice to get some extra space in the locker room at the end of January when many of the "resolution" crowd have disappeared. Well, this year I felt more kinship with these folks. I was suffering as much as they were while trying to grind out a few miles.

On Monday, I jumped on the treadmill for a tough 45 minute grind. It felt great to be running again. My mileage in December was about the lowest it had been in the past 10 years or more. My layoff was a combination of recovery from tendonitis, work issues, and just lack of motivation. Running wasn't fun, and it should be (at least on most days).

This week, I churned out around 15 miles on the "hampster wheel" over a 3 days and then managed two runs totaling 16 miles on the weekend. Woohoo! I broke the 30 mile mark for the first time in 6 weeks! More importantly, I was enjoying running again. I was happy to be out there enjoying the feel of the road/trail under my feet, the weather, and the company. I've gained some much needed weight since VT100 and feel my strength returning. I'm climbing well, and working on core strength and flexibility. It feels good!

I don't have a long list of races planned for 2009. In fact, I don't have any set plans except for my annual commitment to the Reach the Beach Relay Team (Go Red Eye!). It feels good to just be running without any major race plans. Last year wore me down. I'm going to be a Grandpa in 2 months, and life will change dramatically. I'm thinking of getting a baby jogger!

If I can get into a routine, I'd like to do some races in 2009. I also want to do some serious climbing this year, so I don't think a 100 miler is in the cards. A few ideas are:

1. Possible Boston Marathon - Dawn qualified, and it would be nice for us to experience it together. If not this year, then definitely in 2010.
2. Northern Nipmuck Trail Race - If Boston doesn't happen, then I'll likely do this race. My buddy, Jim C. is the RD, and I love this course.
3. Pineland Farms 50 miler - I really enjoyed this race. The RD's did an awesome job, and I definitely want to run this race again at some point.
4. sub 2:59 marathon - I'm intentionally not calling it a 3 hour marathon. My PR is 3:00:59, and I really want to crack this nut. Perhaps this will be the year...

There's always a lot on our plates, so who knows what 2009 will bring. We all have lofty dreams...My real goal is to stay healthy and have fun. The races are secondary.

Wishing you all the best in your New Year's resolutions or whatever your fitness plans may be for 2009! Enjoy!

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