Sunday, April 5, 2009

Running: Our operating system

The guys at work will appreciate this one....

There is a huge emphasis on process improvement and standardization where we work. We are constantly striving to eliminate waste. This "Operating System" has become such a part of our professional DNA that it has become second nature. When I get in a hard spot, I look to our process improvement tools to find an answer. This week I felt the same about running.

Whenever I get stressed or feel unbalanced in any way, I know that running will help fix the problem. Climbing helps in the same way, but running has been doing it for me for more than 30 years now. It's easy to do...and it's always there for me. I don't need to take a class or find a's just there when I need it.

After starting this new job, my dream job, I was a bit concerned about finding time to run. A couple of the guys at work get up and 4AM to get in a run. Wow! After thinking about it, I was inspired by them. So, I started getting up early...I knew I had to run or all heck would break loose. We all need to stay healthy and energized to perform at a high level at work and in every other aspect of life.

I managed to get outside 4 times this past week. The first 3 runs were relatively short, 30-45 minutes each, and then I did a 1 hour trail run on Saturday. It pales in comparison to last year's mileage, but it's a start.

My run on Thursday was so early that I needed a headlamp. It was peaceful, and there were very few cars on the roads. I enjoyed it, and didn't feel rushed. Truly enjoyable.

While things have been hectic, running will always have a place in my life. In fact, it's needed more during the crazy times.

Hope you all are getting in some good miles!