Sunday, May 10, 2009


What inspires us to run? We enjoy running for many reasons: fitness, stress management, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with friends, but there's also the inspiration to do a little more, run a little faster, try something different, or sign up for a race. We all get inspired in different ways, by different people and events in our lives.

Recently, I haven't been getting in much mileage, and this year I was determined to take some time off from racing and enjoy climbing, and other pursuits. I've started a new job, so the extra hours have cut into my running as well. So, I find myself enjoying and savoring every chance I have to run rather than dreading the need to get in the miles. I also find myself inspired by so many other runners and fitness hounds out there.

The past few weeks I have found inspiration from family and friends, and some other folks...

I was inspired by Dawn when she decided to run the Pineland Farms 50 miler on Memorial Day weekend. She put in a 28 mile training run last week and again yesterday. Woof! I put in less miles than that in total this past week. Part of me wishes I was doing Pineland Farms with her, but I just don't have the training in this year. Good luck Dawnie!

I was inspired to hear that Captain Bill ran a 3:45 at the Fargo Marathon this weekend. Way to go Bill! Bill is on a quest to do a marathon in every state and is well on his way to achieving this goal.

I was inspired to hear that our Reach the Beach teammate, Flo, won her age group at the Glastonbury River Run a few weeks ago. Way to go Flo!

I'm inspired by all the guys at work that commute by bike or wake at the wee hours to run. I'm planning to try the bike commute very soon. Stay tuned to hear about that adventure!

I'm inspired by Wild Bill L. who ran his first Boston Marathon despite a hip injury, and I'm inspired by the Legend, Rich F., who ran a sub 3 hour Boston Marathon at the age of 50. Awesome!

I'm inspired by all of my friends who are training for the Vermont 100 this year! Best of luck to all of you.

I'm inspired by the Goat every time we lace them up and run together.

I'm inspired by a story of a man who gave up travel by car about 30 years ago to inspire others to give up their dependency on oil. He also took a vow of silence for 17 years. Damn. That's hardcore! Amazingly, he earned a Masters and Phd. during his journey despite not speaking a word. Impressive!

So many great stories out there! I hear them all the time. They inspire me to continue the pursuit of excellence and to maintain the ideals that I believe in. Congrats to all of you for your achievements (including all of you that I did not mention in this space) and thank you for being an inspiration to all of us!



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