Sunday, June 28, 2009


Haven't written in a couple has been keeping me extremely busy. I was planning to take all of this week off to climb in the DAKS (short for Adirondack Mountains in New York State...near Lake Placid), but feeling guilty about missing too much work has led me to go in on Monday and Tuesday. Nevertheless, I'm hoping to have some great adventures to write about when I return.

In planning for another adventure, I picked up 3 new pairs of shoes from Evolv to get ready for a trip to Colorado at the end of August. I'm getting psyched, but still need to buy the plane tickets. Just call me Mr. Procrastinator. In fact, I should be finishing up my packing for the DAKS trip now.

On Saturday morning, Christine and Pete called to see if I wanted to go climbing. Christine, "Hey Steve, what are you doing?" Me, "Picking up my dry cleaning." Christine laughs and says, "We thought you'd be out on some crazy must have gotten a long run in already this morning." Me, "No, this is what my life has become...picking up dry cleaning on Saturday morning." HAA! After very little nudging, I agreed to meet them at the cliff near my house.

Christine is 9 months pregnant and looks like she is ready to pop. Nevertheless, there she was strapped into her full body climbing harness. Wow! She climbed like a trooper...climbing stuff harder than many people without a baby ready to pop out. We had a good time climbing with Janet and Gary. Gary had surgery on his hip 3 weeks ago and was out climbing already. Hmmm, are we super healthy or super addicted or both? It was a mellow day, and I had fun trying out my new shoes. I climbed well, but didn't get in too much of a workout. Afterwards, Pete and Christine came over to see Jamie and my granddaughter, Maliyah.

Saturday night was a big tango dance at our local dance hall. I saw some climbing friends there. My partner, Alex, said he is going to a tango festival in Chicago instead of going on our annual DAKS trip. Wow! He;s more addicted to tango than climbing. I'm in disbelief. Although, I can understand a bit when I'm out there dancing with a beautiful lady. Still, I gotta climb.

This morning, the Goat and I went for our usual 9.5 mile jaunt at the reservoir. I was thinking that last year we were in taper mode for the Vermont 100 at this point. The race is 3 weeks away. Wow! What a difference one year makes...

Tonight, Tara and I had breakfast burritos on the deck and had a wonderful conversation. The weather was perfect and for once I was not in a rush to go somewhere or do something. She's going to Spain in the Fall for a semester abroad. I'm excited for her, but will miss her terribly.

It was a nice, mellow weekend. Hope you all enjoyed it too.

Have a great week everyone!