Sunday, July 12, 2009

The life of a Super Hero

As my good friend, EuroMan, would say,"The life of a super hero is not easy!"

Working 12 hours each day is starting to wear on me. This week has been rough! I worked most of Saturday and part of today as well, so not a lot of playtime for Bonzo. I don't mind the hours, and I love the job, but the stress gets me all out of whack! Time to adjust...

Lately, if I can get in 3 good runs each week, I am happy. This week, the Goat dragged me out for runs on Tuesday and Thursday night, and I was glad he did. He's now on vacation with Seabiscuit, his girlfriend (not the horse), so I had to fly solo today. My stress level was as high as it's been in awhile, so I was hoping the run would do me some good.

I planned a nice 9.5 mile loop, and set off at a snail's pace. One year ago I was feeling giddy as a thoroughbred entering the gate at the Kentucky Derby (since it was 1 week prior to the Vermont 100). Today, I felt like the weekend warrior that I have become. I consoled myself by saying that I had 2 good runs this past week, and the Goat seemed to think I was flying on Thursday. Still, 20 minutes in and I was still huffing and puffing. I was tight, and the air felt thick and warm. Nevertheless, I knew it was doing me good.

I enjoyed being alone for a change, running at my own pace, feeling the stride start to become more natural. 40 minutes in and I was still feeling tightness in my upper body. Hmmm, perhaps I need to run more...back and chest muscles are tight from climbing and work.

I told myself to press on and things would improve. Sure enough, as each step went by my body, mind, and spirit felt better, stronger. Concerns about work seemed to disappear, and I was pushing the pace. Magically, the tightness was gone.....but we all knew that would be the case.

The last half mile was sweet, and I enjoyed some well earned water back at the car. It was a great run...not because I ran fast...the pace was average and the effort was above average. It was a great run because it paid huge dividends. It got me back to where I needed to be mentally and physically. I am thankful that I can run, and appreciate everything about it.

Now, back to being a super hero...As Green Lantern would say, "In brightest day and blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight....beware my power...Green Lantern's light!"

Ha! Have a great week everyone! ...And for those of you running the Vermont 100 this weekend, may you realize every goal and dream you have in your mind and heart! Tear it up!



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