Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I went to a wedding this past weekend for one of my cousins.  It's always a good time when our extended family celebrates together.  It was fun seeing everyone!  Of course, I was bombarded with questions about the accident followed by "Thank God you are still with us" type comments.  I don't mind talking about it, but it's hard to convey the details amidst short attention spans and music blasting in the background.  Nevertheless, it was great to receive so many well wishes, and I was even able to pull off a few dances with Charlotte.  I received a few complements on the blog and encouragement to keep it up, so here I am...

How do you keep a running, climbing, adventure sport blog going when you are sitting on your butt rehabing your broken body.  What is there to talk about?  I guess the real intent of this blog has not only been to document and share my adventures, but to also serve as a source of inspiration.  So, how to inspire from the couch?  People have been amazed at my progress and say I am an inspiration.  I am humbled as I haven't done anything yet.   OK, I danced a bit on one leg :-)

I go back to the Dr. on Friday.  I expect that the x-rays will show the bone healing properly, and he will tell me to start putting  some weight on the leg.  This would be the best news possible.  Then, I can start moving forward with physical therapy and an evaluation of the knee before Christmas.

The last time I broke a bone in my body was when I was 5 years old.  We were on vacation in Florida.  My cousin decided to practice Judo on me and broke my collar bone.  His sisters were at the wedding and we reminisced about it.

I've set a goal of walking normally by Christmas.  I know that may be a stretch, but...that's me!  Another goal is to run the Reach the Beach Relay with my team, the Red Eye Runners, in September.  This may be a bit of a stretch as well depending on the knee, the hardware inside me, and the heels.  Nevertheless, I'd like to be with my team that weekend.  I watched the DVD from this year's run, and am so happy to have been a part of it for the past 6 years.

I want to climb again in 2011, and would like to rope up for another classic route.

I want to do an ultramarathon in 2012 and eventually run another 100 miler.

Awhile ago I told Goat that I wanted another Top 10 finish at Vermont 100 when I turned 50 which is 3.5 years from now.  It didn't seem like an outlandish goal at the time.  A bit challenging, but not outlandish.  Now, it seems like a bit of a stretch to say the least...

It's nice to have goals and dreams.  I don't know how important any of these are to me.  Frankly, I'm more concerned about my family than anything right now.  I know, though, that I need to be physically healthy and mentally strong to help myself and others, and running and climbing are a means to that end.  Even if I can't meet the goals outlined above, a nice weekend run will be great.  Making fresh tracks on some steep powder will be awesome.  Dancing the tango until dawn or sailing in the tropics would make my day.  Building a playscape for my Grandchildren would be cool too!

Now, there's something to think about...

Have a great week everyone!  Here's to some good news on Friday!


Laurel said...

Hey Steve, stumbled on your blog recently and I am already pulling for you to have a speedy and complete recovery. I think setting goals and "dreaming" a bit is a big part of the recovery process. Good Luck!

Brian Matthew Wilson said...
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Brian Matthew Wilson said...

Braddah! Been off the blog bit for awhile and strolled on by to read about your fall. You are in our thoughts and prayers and I look forward to a run and a Wed evening on the crag. The most notable piece as I read your posts is your personal responsibility and your positive attitude. Steve, these speak volumes to your character and spirit and will undoubtedly help pull you through! Wishing you a steady recovery.

Brian (the guy from Hawaii at reservoir #6).