Monday, April 11, 2011

Crunch time!

We're 5 days away from the 2nd annual Traprock 50K and 4 days from the annual tax deadline and I'm feeling the pressure.  Taxes are almost wrapped up and Traprock is almost ready for it's second showing, but it's coming down to the wire.  We have nearly tripled the field this year (nearly 140 runners at last count), so Goat and I are a bit concerned with the rapid growth in the past few weeks.  It's a lot!

My garage looks like it's stocked for the next global disaster and I don't even have everything at my place.  I have 3 tents, 6 tables, 5 five gallon water jugs, about 40 gallons of gatorade, 2 coolers for ice, all kinds of flagging, award plaques, sand bags, PVC structures, and lots of other race goodies.  Goat has a similar stash at his place, and Marty has enough food to feed a small army.

Don't get me wrong...we are really, really excited about this year's race!  We have a great field of runners and it feels like it should be a manageable number of people.  It will probably max us out for parking, but otherwise we should be OK.

It's really been great to see the race come together this year.  So many more people are involved and we have a lot more planned for this year's event.  Last year we didn't even have an official finish line for Pete's sake!  This year will be much better.

It's also been interesting given my physical status.  I was still on crutches in February, and walking on and off with a cane until about 1 week ago.  My goal was to walk without a limp or pain by my Birthday (April 4th), and it didn't quite happen.  The good news is that I'm almost there.  If I hadn't set that goal, I suspect I would be much further behind at this point.  Now, I'm very close to walking normally.  The leg isn't perfect, but we're getting close to a reasonable stride.

Up until a month ago, I couldn't get myself to think much about Traprock.  I was focused on getting better....but I knew I would see many of my friends on April 16, and want to make a good showing.  I want to be able to help set up and walk around all day without pain.  It's coming down to the wire!  I can walk reasonably well and everyday gets better.

Yesterday, I had to scream and laugh with excitement when I was able to dry my right foot while standing only on my repaired leg  (without holding onto anything) for the first time in 7 months.   You may have no idea how amazing it is to experience it, but trust's like breaking one of your personal records in running (but better).   I climbed rock briefly on Wednesday and everyone was excited for me.  It was OK, but standing on one leg for 4 seconds was waaaayyy better in my mind.  Wooohooo!!!

So, Friday is the day when I attempt to walk the Traprock course to mark it for the race.  In the interest of time, Goat and Marty will be there to help as well.  We'll split up the course and attack it from all angles. I'll cover as much ground as my body will permit.  I'll have to keep in mind that I'll need to be on my feet all day Saturday as well.  Nevertheless, I'm as anxious to see how I make out as all the runners are about their efforts in the 50K!

Good luck to all the runners this weekend and thank you all for sharing your weekend with us!  We appreciate you and intend to work hard to make it a memorable experience for all of you!

See you all Saturday!