Saturday, July 30, 2011


On Tuesday, we took a rest day by way of Yellowstone.  We did the tourist thing - sat at Old Faithful for 2 hours waiting to watch it shoot water 60 feet in the air for a few minutes.  I have to admit that it is an impressive sight, but also felt silly sitting there with a few thousand strangers waiting to see it blow.

Despite our best attempts to see the mighty Grizz, the man-eating bears were nowhere to be found.  I guess they were sleeping.

The cool thing about Yellowstone is that it has so many different features to check out.  We started with the geysers and hot springs, then checked out the Yellowstone canyon and waterfalls, and then saw some of the wildlife in the park as well as breathtaking views of Yellowstone lake.  I'm sure there is a lot more to see once you get away from the roadside attractions, but we only gave ourselves a day to play tourist in the park.

Here are some photos from our day in the park.

Here is a cool self-portrait.  The orange color is from bacteria growing in the water.

Some cool views of Mammoth Hotsprings.

Some wildlife photos:

The majestic Yosemite Falls.  Incredible volume of water...powerful!