Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chocolate Luvin' Muffin Man Update

So, I had an eggwhite omelette for breakfast with toast, then a sunbutter sandwich for a mid-morning snack, and egg salad wrap for lunch. I was feeling pretty good having dodged the chocolate muffin bullet. Then it happened....You know....that late afternoon binge. My cube-mate asked me if I wanted a Green muffin for St. Patty's Day. I bit (pun intended). Before I knew it, the muffin was gone and I was looking for more. I had to remind myself that I just swallowed a load of calories.

My plan was to hit the climbing gym, but ended up working until 6. So, I went for a run instead. Logged 6.5 at a reasonable clip on flat terrain. Not bad compared to most weeks lately.

Let's check the score:

Muffins 1, Steve 0
#of Aerobic workouts this week: 2 and rising

What's your personal challenge?

Get off the couch!


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