Saturday, March 20, 2010

Running (with Scissors)

It's happening.   The Traprock 50K is coming together nicely.  The State Park people seem to have pre-approved our request and the Shenipsit Striders are backing us for insurance.  Registration is open and we have our first group training run on the course tomorrow.  Volunteers are coming out of the woodwork, and Goat is working on the shirts.  It's awesome!

I'm so amazed how the Universe comes together to bring a vision to life.  I always underestimate the power of it all even though I have witnessed it so many times.  Working 12 hour days, teaching on the side, training, and being a Father and Grandpa keep me busy enough.  Goat is a busy guy as well especially now that he is training for Vermont.  "How could we pull it off?", I thought.  There's still a lot of work left to do.  Awards, aid stations, etc., etc.  We'll get there though.

It's happening.  I probably won't get my taxes done, but the race is happening.

Come out and join us for an amazing adventure on April 17!  It will be a great experience for all.

Now, off to meet the Goat for our Saturday morning run/planning session.  Cheers!

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Run Home Pam said...

Looking forward to it! Thanks so much for getting this together!